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Nik Kyriacou MA, BA (Hons),  MRSS(T) DipAc (Japan) PGCE

Has trained in London, New York (primarily with Ohashi) and for five years with Suzuki Sensei in Tokyo.


He holds qualifications in Japanese Acupuncture, which included a four-year internship in a Tokyo clinic. He is a Member of the Japanese Ryodoraku Acupuncture Association and the International Acupuncture Research Association (Tokyo).


Nik has also translated, edited and contributed towards a book on Japanese Acupuncture and completed a two-year post graduate diploma on Chinese Herbs with Ted Kaptchuk, at the Anglo-Dutch Institute, Amsterdam. He is a director of the London College of Shiatsu and holds a PGCE in Adult Learning and a Postgraduate Diploma in Lifelong Learning.


Veronica Howard MA, B.Sc. (Hons) , MRSS (T), MRCHM, PGCE

Received a diploma from the IOKAI centre in Tokyo before studying under Suzuki Sensei for four years. This was the most formative part of her extensive training in Shiatsu.


Veronica is also qualified acupuncturist with her training undertaken in China and Japan, including a three-year apprenticeship in a Tokyo clinic. She is also a practicing Japanese Herbalist (Kanpo).


Veronica runs her practice in Oriental medicine from three busy clinics in London and has been teaching Shiatsu for over 18 years. She holds a PGCE in Adult Learning and is a director of the London College of Shiatsu.

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